Safeguard your organization from Spoofing

Impersonation is always an issue. It becomes difficult to judge when someone or something gets impersonated.

Security has always been a challenge and Now a days, email impersonation is very critical. It has become very important to know how to safeguard from it. It is also a very common to find spoofing email flowing in your mailbox.

What is Spoofing?
Spoofing is a type of technological impersonation that seeks to fool either a network or human into believing that the source of some information is trustworthy.

How to safeguard from Spoofing emails? what care should be taken and what steps needs to be followed?
It is very important to safeguard yourself from Email Spoofing.

To safeguard your organisation from Spoofing there are 3 important things to be implemented on the Email server.

Published SPF Records.
Published DKIM Records.
Published DMARC Records.
The most important thing is to educate users for the below things to safeguard both the organization and themsleves.

Don’t reply to any email asking for account details or login info
Double-check the sender address of any suspicious emails
Pay attention if any of your trusted websites look or start acting differently
Being aware is important to keep yourself secure. if you are not aware then what the amount of security you have, You are at a risk of being hacked or fooled in this world of Internet.

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